How to Have a Launch Party that Doesn’t Suck

Last week I was booked to perform at a launch event for a new car.

(I should point out that I know nothing about cars – despite having watched over 3 episodes of “Top Gear” – so the following post will be littered with inaccuracies).

I was performing at Chorley Nissan, as they launched the brand new Juke – a remarkable car with four wheels, several doors and an interior that isn’t made out of linoleum.

The new car comes with various pieces of glass, enabling you to see the faces of the cyclists you run over, a glove compartment large enough for even the most avid gun enthusiast, as well as hazard lights, allowing you to park on double yellow lines for those times when you need fast access to a cash machine.

It was a fabulous night to be a part of. It made me realise that, as a magician, entertainer and scotch egg enthusiast, that I’ve been to a fair few of these kinds of events.

I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

Maybe I should sit down, get out my best crayons and write down a few ideas in case you are planning a launch event and want to make it as successful as possible.

(If you’re planning a launch event and don’t want to make it as successful as possible, I’d recommend booking a caricaturist)

So, whether you’re launching a new car, football kit or a commode for the elderly here is a quick idea to get you started towards hosting a fabulous launch event:

Think of it as an EVENT, not just a launch.

A launch only takes a few seconds.

I now pronounce this adult sex shop…OPEN!” for instance.

People probably won’t travel that far just to see a launch, but an event…

…give them an event and they’re far more likely to make the journey.

How can you turn your launch into an event?

Here’s a quick question to ask yourself…

What else – besides the launch – can you tempt them in with?

Entertainment? Food? A show? A life-size photo of Cheryl Baker?

Think about the kind of clients you want to attract. Now, ask yourself…

What would make them drag themselves away from Corrie on a wet and blustery Friday night to come to your launch?

What would they like to see?

Start there.

(This would be an excellent time to plug booking me as a magician. Don’t worry, I shan’t lower myself by informing you that close up magic would be a great way to get your clients laughing and having a great time before you launch your thing. No, that would be crass)

If you can make your event attractive to your clients – and you can – they’ll turn off the TV, put on their big coat and come out to support you.

Oh, I also made a quick video about this. If you’re interested, you can click here to see it.

Have I convinced you that you need a magician for your launch? Having guests laughing and giving them a great time is a quick way to ensure they open their cheque books and buy your stuff. I can help. Click here to go to my contact page so you can get in touch and see how I can help your next launch be a massive success