How to Get Your Wedding Guests to RSVP

How to Get Your Wedding Guests to RSVP

How to Get Your Wedding Guests to RSVP…


Getting your guests to RSVP can be a pain in the backside.

Because you need to know the numbers. If you rent out the back room at the local Harvester, which can hold 100 people, and only 3 people show, you’re going to have one hell of a doggie bag for the salad buffet.

If you want more RSVPs for your wedding, realise one thing:


Once you’ve accepted this, you need to do two things to get RSVPs back – you need to make it…

OBVIOUS and EASY for your wedding guests.


Make the RSVP date clear and obvious on the invitation. There should be no confusion about this. Don’t hide it on the back…in 3 point Wingdings font, or make it a DaVinci-esque puzzle for them to solve.

If they have to use a pipette, lemon juice and a blacklight to read your invisible ink, you’ve gone too far.

Second, don’t use flowery language.

“We doth requesteth the favour that you respondeth…”

Shakespeare died a while back so, unless you’re really pushing for a formal theme, just stick to “PLEASE RSVP BY…”.

If you want to make it fancy, I’ll permit you a flowery font.


Now that it’s obvious, you have to make it EASY for your guests. Remember, they’re lazy. If they had to sign in every time they logged on to Netflix, they’d complain to Watchdog and still be using a video player.

Your wedding guests don’t have an ornate writing bureau, fully equipped with stationery, pens and an ample supply of stamps.

They have chaos, whiny children and 7 seconds before they need to check Facebook again.

Expecting them to send a formal RSVP is like asking them to complete an expedition through the Himilaya’s while juggling fire and carrying the weekly big shop from Lidl.

Make it easy for them. Give them a “letter, phone, text, email, Whatsapp, Facebook…” reply option.

I know, I know…receiving a “yep. I’d luv 2 cum 2 ur wedin.” isn’t quite the same as opening beautiful, ornate RSVPs in the post, but at least you won’t suffer the agony of constant worry, as you wonder whether your wedding will end up resembling a Coldplay gig or an Anne Widdicombe lapdancing night.

Want more RSVPs? Make it OBVIOUS and EASY for your wedding guests.

Once you’ve got wedding guests, you’ll need a weird man to entertain them so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding day. I CAN DO THAT! 🙂