How to Get Peace of Mind

How to get peace of mind

If you’re booking entertainment for your event a year or two in advance, you’ll be wanting some peace of mind.

Peace of mind is a simple concept to understand.

It’s a scale of trust.

It’s free, but not easy.

Peace of mind comes, not through the work you’re paying someone to do, but more through how they do it.

Peace of mind comes from the professional (i.e. boring) stuff:

  • The issuing of a readable and legally sound contract (if a performer hands you something written on the back of a pack of Frosties, it’s probably not a good sign)
  • Invoices for any payments made
  • Accreditations from relevant bodies (The “I love the way leather feels against my body” club doesn’t count)
  • Insurance, should anything go wrong
  • Testimonials from people just like you (although not quite as attractive, intellignent and astute, obviously!)

If you’re going to pay a hefty deposit to an entertainer in advance, what you’re really wanting is to strike that task off your to-do list.

You want the total confidence to be able to say, “I’m happy and confident that this is now sorted. I can forget about it and get on with the other 3,825 things I have to do!”.

If a supplier doesn’t give you an invoice, insists on not needing a deposit or assures you that the home arrest ankle bracelet that the judge made him wear won’t be visible on your big day, how much peace of mind will you have over the next two years?