How To Deal With Wedding Mistakes – A Lesson From GoT

How To Deal With Wedding Mistakes - A Lesson From GoT

You know the whole “Game of Thrones – Starbucks” thing?

That’s what a mistake on your wedding day is like.

Does it seem massive, urgent and important right at this moment?


Will that be the only thing people talk about when they have seen the whole thing?

Dear Lord, I hope not.

A coffee cup is in the picture. Who cares?

Have you seen anyone post that they have stopped watching the show because of it?

“Actually, the coffee cup destroyed the whole thing for me. I completely lost my appetite for boobs and gore after I saw that Mocha. I was so disgusted that I set fire to my TV and drove a red-hot poker into both of my eyes so this could never happen again…”

The truth is that, while it’s a cool thing to spot, no one cares. Even if they did, they’re probably not the people you want to be watching it anyway.

It’s the same with your wedding – there will be mistakes, and no-one will care.

Some of these mistakes will be small – there is a slight delay in the car, the flowers become a tad askew, or the page boy doesn’t quite follow your – very specific – “left-right-left-shuffle-pause-bow-front-flip-into-a-pike-finish” aisle walking routine that you’ve been rehearsing for MONTHS!

Some of these wedding mistakes may be big, such as you turning up to the wrong church and marrying the wrong chap, or you accidentally butt dialling your wife while secretly escaping on a ferry to your new life in Normandy…

The truth is that very few of these things REALLY matter.

This time next year, no one will care.

All your mate Dave will remember about your wedding day is that both of you turned in some posh outfits, said some nice words at the front of a big room and that he slept with Janice, the pretty bridesmaid (who, while undeniably pretty, gave him that strange rash that he’s still taking antibiotics for).

Mistakes happen. And then they are forgotten.

So stop worrying about it.