How to deal with event planning stress

“Get out of my sight, you worthless piece of crap. If I have to look at you for another 4 seconds, I’m going to put your testicles in the clapperboard and jump on it!”


“Take 5 everyone”.

When things get stressy on a movie set, the Director has a choice of how to react. The non-testicle crushing option is usually more productive (and reproductive too!).

When you’re planning a corporate event – where your office reputation is on the line – you need to take 5 before you murder Sandra.

(although to be fair, she’s asking for it by wearing that cardigan).

Taking 5 might not be enough though. You need to have a plan.

Start compiling a list of quick things you can do when things get a bit stressy.

  • Go for a walk
  • Quick meditation
  • Murder Sandra (I’ve changed my mind – she is asking for it. Just do it in less than 5 minutes)
  • Screaming session in the break room
  • 1,000 situps (don’t worry if you can’t match my level of athletic prowess!)

It IS going to get stressy and you’re going to have to deal with it.

So… are you going to murder Sandra and spend the rest of your life sharing a room with a man covered in misspelt tattoos, or take a quick break so you can come back to refreshed and get back to creating an awesome corporate event?

Take 5.

Sandra will thank you.

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