Go With The “Safe Bet”

Go With The "Safe Bet"


Because it’s not just for people we care about crossing the road, or for drunk people operating heavy machinery.

It’s about looking after your guests too.

When you’re looking for entertainment, it’s tempting to go with something “different”, “unique” or “unusual”, just to make a statement, but there’s a big danger with this idea and it’s summed up in the following idea:

When it’s YOUR neck on the line, do you really want to take a chance on something that is “different” or “unusual”?

Do you really want to risk it?

When you’re in charge of giving your corporate guests an awesome night at your Gala ball, do you really want to chance it with an “alternative” type act – someone who you’re not 100% confident about?

Sure, that youthful “Urban” magician looked uber-cool* in that abandoned warehouse in his promo, but are you sure he’s really what your Nan’s 80th birthday party needs to make it memorable?

83% of our job as entertainers is to put your mind at rest** – to give you peace of mind that this part of the event is “done” – you have nothing to worry about.

You can’t get this peace of mind if you’re taking a risk on something unproven or unknown.

* I believe this is a phrase that the young people use to denote a person as “rad”.

** Yep, totally made it up.