For the Bride Who Wants it ALL…

For the Bride who wants it all!


A great song by Queen, but a terrible dream for a bride.

Attending one wedding fayre is enough to turn even the most restrained and controlled bride into a frenzied kid in a sweet shop – wanting EVERYTHING.

If you’re not careful, your “small, intimate family celebration” can begin to rival Live Aid in it’s planning.

Before you know it, you’ve booked U2 as your wedding band, put a deposit on the Royal Albert Hall and signed an exclusive deal with ITV3.

The Stark Truth

You may WANT it all, but you can’t HAVE it all.

It’s not about money either, so you take your liver off eBay.

(Besides, you’ll be needing that for the free bar!)

I don’t care if your first name is Sheikh, there are still only so many hours on your wedding day.

You’re still going to have to say “NO” to a lot of things.

How do you know what to say “no” to?

By using John’s first rule of wedding planning:


For example, I don’t know you, but I’m going to use my psychic power to read your mind…

I’m guessing, er…I mean mind reading that the wedding venue is a smidge more important than the burger van’s choice of napkin fold…

(Especially since you’re still doubting the authenticity of his “higene sertificate”)?

Spend time – right from the beginning – thinking about what is REALLY important to you.


I don’t care if your mother in law thinks that Michael Buble is “music for whores” – it’s YOUR day, so Buble stays!

Create a list of “must haves” – the things, feelings and sensations (uh-oh, I’m in dangerous territory here) you can’t do without on your wedding day.

The kinds of things that, if you didn’t experience them, you’d always have a little pang of regret.

Start there.

Once you’ve got all your “must haves”, then – and ONLY then – start working on a “not quite ‘must haves’, but would be nice if we had them” list.

(Shorter titles are available)

Spend time concentrating your efforts on what’s REALLY important to you and the other things won’t worry you.

No one has ever refused a 9pm burger at a wedding because they disapproved of the napkin, so don’t worry about it.

When you think about your wedding day, what are your “must haves”?

BTW, If your list of “must haves” includes, “happy guests, all laughing hysterically while I relax and enjoy my special day”, we should talk. Click here to shoot me an email.