Everton Magician

Everton Magician

Everton Magician

I can’t believe I’m back as the Everton magician for my sixth year, performing magic for all the hospitality guests in the lounges.

Performing at Everton is always good fun, especially when they win. If they lose, I’m constantly heckled with:

“Can you magic us up three points?”. *

The guests are all out for a great day and the hospitality team at Everton really make sure they all have a fabulous time.

I perform close up magic in all 9 lounges before the game. I get about 20 minutes in each before kick off and then, after the match, I do some magic in the Sponsor’s lounge and the executive boxes.

It’s quite exciting this season as the club have completely revamped EVERY SINGLE LOUNGE.

They look amazing. Here’s how the Dixie Dean suite looks:

Everton Magician - Dixie Dean Lounge

All in all, performing at Everton is probably the longest and most tiring magic gig I do, but it’s one of the most fun. It’s also one of the few gigs where I actually get to see people again and again. I’ve made some great friends at Everton over these years, and it’s really nice to see – and perform magic for – the guests again (some of which even book me for their own weddings and corporate events).

If you’re ever on the lookout for a fabulous day out, you could do far worse than the hospitality at Everton. The food is awesome, the lounges exquisite and the magician is reasonably adequate.

What more could you want for a day out?https://www.evertonfc.com/hospitality.

*The usual response I give to this heckle is, “Sorry, I do magic, not miracles…”

If you’re thinking, “By ‘eck. If he’s good enough for Everton, he’s good enough for my wedding, party or corporate event!”, click here to get in touch and see how I can give your guests a fabulous time!