Event Planning Tip: Start Yesterday

“When should I start planning my event?”

Best answer?


If you can’t start planning it yesterday, start right now.

There is never any benefit in delaying. Event planning is like revising for your exams at school. We all know that we should be revising as we go along, making sure we’ve correctly learned everything so that, when revising time comes along, it’ll be a doddle.

But we don’t.

What happens instead? We coast through the year, making indecipherable notes and, when exam times comes, it’s a mad, flustered scramble to the finish line, usually supported by lots of caffeine, late nights and accompanied by great amounts of anxiety and feelings of doom.

This is not the best way to revise.

This is not the best way to do anything.

It’s the same with event planning. What usually happens is that it’s get’s left to the last minute and it is utter chaos – a big ball of stress.

What’s even worse is that it is the event that suffers, as well as your reputation – after all, you were the one that organised it!

Eliminate this worry by starting as soon as you can.

You don’t have to go too far with this. There are no medals given out for completing the Christmas party planning three years in advance but, when you’re working alongside other suppliers and vendors, starting early will eliminate virtually all of the worry and stress that comes with party planning.

No one will ever be able to say,

“If only you’d have been better prepared…”

Planning an event as soon as you can won’t guarantee you a great party, but it gives you the best possible chance.

BLATANT PLUG: if you’re looking for another way to relieve the stress that comes with event planning, book me to come round and get your guests laughing! Fill in the details below and I’ll see if I’m free. If I’m not, you definitely should have started planning the event sooner! 😉