Don’t Shove Your Guest’s Faces in Your Armpit

There’s a reason that travellers don’t enjoy being stuck in an underground tube car in the middle of July.

And it’s not because they’re worried about being late for work, or that they all have Siderodromophobia*.

It’s because having your face in someone else’s sweaty armpit for an hour is bloody uncomfortable.

If the trains were air-conditioned, with each passenger having their own private carriage, each equipped with luxurious recliner seats, HD screens showing the latest movies and free snacks, we’d be up at 4am, sabotaging the tracks ourselves.

Humans can put up with a lot of adversity, as long as they’re comfortable while they do it.

Remember that when thinking about your guests. The first thing you should do is make your guests comfortable:

  • Have you enough chairs?
  • Is there enough space?
  • Have you forcibly shoved their face into your armpit?

That kind of thing.

If it’s July in the UK, have plenty of cool drinks ready or, if it’s July in the UK, plenty of blankets to keep them from frostbite. (Damn our unpredictable weather) 😉

Everything you want in life may well be on the other side of comfort, but your guests aren’t seeking spiritual enlightenment or wanting to become Navy SEALS – they’re wanting to let their hair down and have a great time.

Don’t make them work for it.

  • Yeah, I Googled.