Do this one thing to avoid a nasty surprise ruining your wedding day

  • One of your bridesmaids arrives late…
  • The florist brought tulips instead of lilies…
  • Your partner’s ex is here…and she’s wearing WHITE!

Nasty surprises can ruin your wedding day but… they’re surprises. It’s not as if you can do anything to prepare for them, right?


OK, so maybe I can’t protect you from EVERY possible problem, but there is something you can do to make your wedding as plain sailing as possible.

So, sit back and relax…

No, seriously, sit down and relax. That’s step one.

Get yourself comfortable and think through your wedding day.

Yes, really do this.

If I can be a bit woo-woo for a moment, imagine it’s your wedding day. Imagine you can see your future self, all set to enjoy your day. Step into yourself (there’s a phrase I never thought I’d type!) and see, hear and experience your wedding.

REALLY experience it.

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, don’t do the whole day in one swoop. Do one part at a time.

You can imagine:

  • Getting ready
  • Travelling to the church
  • What’s going to happen after the ceremony?

Ask yourself, what’s going to happen? What do you want to happen? What COULD happen? What would you do if it did happen?

When you’re faced with a to-do list as long as Mr Tickle’s arm, it’s easy to ignore this kind of mental rehearsal, in favour of the more practical stuff, but imagining every part of your wedding is the best way to spot nasty surprises and prevent them from ruining your day.

Oh, and if you are worried about what’s going to happen after your ceremony, get in touch. I can get your guests laughing and having an amazing time, so you can relax and enjoy your day!