“Damn those 1900s people…”

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

It was in the 1900s when the problem started.

Some bright spark decided it was OK to pluralise the word “priority“.

Before this, we were doing just fine. If something was a priority, we noticed it, it got done, and then we moved onto the next urgent thing.

One thing at a time.

Apparently, having one problem to deal with wasn’t enough for someone. “You know…“, they thought, “if we pluralise the word, we could ensure a more hellish existence for humanity by making people think they are capable of doing many complicated tasks at once“.


Now we have phrases like “top priority“, “list of priorities” and “essential priorities” in our life.

Thanks a lot, 1900s people!

Priority‘ seems doable. ‘Priorities‘ are scary.

This is especially true when it comes to wedding planning. It used to be the case that brides had A priority for their wedding. It might have been to get married at a country castle, to have a summer wedding or to not end up marrying a total dingbat.

Whatever it was though, they only had one (or two, tops).

Nowadays, we live in a world where we’re used to mile-long to-do lists. 

We have so much stuff to remember, we need apps to help us!

It can’t be long before Paperchase starts selling journals in A3 size, so everyone can fit everything on there.

Truth is, when we say that we’ve “many priorities”, what we’re essentially saying is that nothing is a priority.

And, when you’re planning your wedding, this is a BIG problem…

You need to focus on what matters, because some things matter more than others.

The problem most brides and grooms have is thinking that everything matters equally…

…it doesn’t.

  • Who you get married to is probably a higher priority than the date you get married on.
  • Choosing a wedding venue is more important than deciding on the canapés, and
  • Picking the perfect wedding magician is more important than anything else…

…ANYTHING. (#subtle)

That’s OK for you Mr Magician, but I can’t just pick ONE thing – this is my wedding day…

I’m not asking you to only pick one thing as a priority or to ditch that to-do list, but I am asking you to realise that everything is not equal.

You need to find out what’s important to you both.

Put the kettle on, sit down and have a chat. Find what matters and then make a new to-do list, with this stuff at the top.

If you picked up on my #subtle hint about booking a magician, click here to go to my contact page, I’d love to tell you how I can make your wedding day even more stress-free by entertaining your wedding guests and getting them laughing!