Entertainment for Corporate Events

"You were fantastic. Thank you so much. Absolutely BRILLIANT at our company Christmas party - very PROFESSIONAL, talented and HILARIOUS. Would highly recommend you!"

You’re minding your own business at work, blitzing through your to-do list, when, all of a sudden…

“Hi Shannon, do you have a second…?”

Oh God.

“…I don’t suppose you could do me a quick favour and organise the office Christmas party? I know it’s late November, but I’m sure that you can handle it…”


Corporate event magician and entertainer

If you’ve organised any kind of corporate event before, you’ll know that it’s not something that just “falls into place”, as if by magic.

It takes hard work, and lots of it.

And because you’ve already got a “to-do” list as long as Mr Tickle’s arm, you need to make this as easy, stress-free and painless as possible, but you also need to make it GREAT – after all, this is YOUR corporate event – your boss, team and friends are going to be there and they’re going to be talking about it at the coffee machine tomorrow morning!

Get it wrong and you’ll hear hushed mumblings and get the silent treatment, but get it right…

…get it right and they’ll hold you aloft, give you a brand new corner office, a Mercedes Benz company car, constant foot massages

As an experienced, professional magician, some of the biggest companies in the world have booked me to entertain their guests. People like: Pepsi, Unilever, AstraZeneca, Bae, Lloyds Bank and many more. They book me when they want a stress-free corporate event – one where their colleagues are laughing and having an amazing time!

The kind of event they THANK YOU FOR organising!

"VERY IMPRESSIVE - the team LOVED IT! I heard nothing but positive things about you all evening! They all said you were LOVELY to be around and VERY FUNNY! - so thank you again!"
- Perfetti Van Melle

I know that you’ve probably got a few questions though, so I’ll try to answer them as best I can. Not only that, but instead of just using my own words, I’ll use some of my reviews from some of my corporate event clients whenever I can.

I’m hoping that this will be far more convincing! 🙂

"What makes you different from all the other corporate magicians? Aren't you all pretty much the same?"

In a word, no.

In a few more words…

Corporate magicians aren’t the same, though, if you’ve just spent an hour of your life looking at magician’s websites, I can see why you’d think that – they seem to say that same thing and blend into one after a while.

The trouble is that a corporate magician’s job isn’t just about doing tricks while wearing a nice suit. It’s so much more than that. Many magicians don’t get this.

When you book a magician for your corporate event, you need someone that will make YOU look good. Not only with the tricks, but how they act, the jokes they make, the atmosphere they help create and how they interact with everyone on the night. They are representing you, after all.

Not only that, but you also want someone who knows the importance of having the right paperwork in place – contracts, invoices and insurances – the boring stuff that gives you the reassurance to get on with nailing your other 2,364 jobs without having the constant niggle of “Is that magician going to turn up?”

This is the kind of stuff that REALLY MATTERS and booking the wrong magician can land you in a whole heap of trouble!

The last thing you want is an “Urban magician” turning up to your gala dinner in his ripped jeans and stained T Shirt, or a “comedy magician” making offensive jokes to your MD.

“Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended. We hired John for our works Christmas party – amazing magic and had us all entertained with his jokes!! Worth every penny!!”
“He’s absolutely hilarious – he had everyone in stitches! We’ve hired several magicians in the past & John is by far the best. We will most definitely be using John again in the near future. Highly recommended!”

“I CAN’T RECOMMEND JOHN ENOUGH! From the moment I first emailed him to the evening of our party he was really HELPFUL and PROFESSIONAL. John was HUGELY ENTERTAINING, with a real sense of MISCHIEVOUS FUN! With HOWLS OF LAUGHTER and GASPS OF MAGICAL AMAZEMENT, OUR GUESTS LOVED HIM!”

"You're not one of those scary looking magicians are you - the kind that does weird and distasteful magic - with blood and stuff? Because that's really not what I'm after."

No, I’m not one of them. I wear a smart suit, clean shirt and a little bit of Brylcreem in my hair to make me look presentable.
To show you that I don’t look weird, here’s a recent photo:

Shoot. That probably wasn’t the best one to use.

Put it this way, do you think big companies, such as Pepsi, AstraZeneca, Paddy Power, William Hill, Bae and Unilever would book me for their events if I was doing weird, shocking and distasteful magic?

"Some of my colleagues are very good at "letting their hair" down, shall we say. Are you able to cope with rowdy, drunken people?"


I was born in Blackpool and lived there for 33 years, so if you’ve got a drunken, rowdy guest in mind, relax – I’ve seen it a thousand times before…only a whole lot worse (and probably whilst wearing a “KISS ME QUICK” hat!).

I’ve worked corporate events and parties for many years. Believe me, I’ve seen it all.

Not only have I SEEN it all, I’ve walked up to it and tried to do magic for it!

As a comedian, I’m used to “banter”, “interaction” and “heckling” – I thrive on it. Fun interactions help build a great atmosphere – where everyone feels relaxed and happy. That’s the kind of atmosphere you want at a corporate event!

So whoever you’re thinking of in your office, tell them to bring their “A” game. I’ll be ready! 🙂

“We would like to thank you for an excellent time on Saturday, it was amazing and got the evening off to a great start. The photos we have show the good time people were having and over breakfast yesterday, some of them were talking through the magic tricks and remembering the evening. I keep smiling each time I think of the tricks! It was truly amazing and great the way you interacted with everyone (even the difficult people!!) was brilliant. Thank you for making this a memorable time for us and our guests.”

“Thank you so much for your show on Saturday. So many people said they haven’t laughed so much in ages! Very clever skills combined with an ability to draw people into the whole process.”

Magician and comedian for weddings and corporate events

"What are you like to work with during the booking process? I have enough to worry about without struggling to get hold of you!"

When you’re planning a corporate event, you’re juggling lots of suppliers, so when you’re looking for an entertainer or magician, you want to work with someone who has some experience – who knows the worries and challenges you’re facing.
You need a magician who makes your life easier by being easy to work with!

As an experienced corporate entertainer, I have all of the proper systems in place to make your life easier.

Here are a few examples – I always issues CONTRACTS and INVOICES and have all of the necessary insurance in place (did I mention that I have Public Liability for up to £10m?). Not only that, but I can happily send you a copy of my certificate via email should the venue require it.

I’m also a member of Equity, the Actor’s Union too!

I’m not working at Aldi during the week, nor is it something I dabble in at weekends.
I’m a full-time professional magician. I know what I’m doing.

“He kept in touch regularly during the booking process and I was 100% confident that he was the right choice before I’d even met him!”

“From the moment I first emailed him to the evening of our party he was really HELPFUL and PROFESSIONAL. John arrived early and then proceeded to entertain a real mix of people, from 10 year olds to octogenarians! He was HUGELY ENTERTAINING!”

“There was some great feedback from the tables and you made a lot of fans! I also appreciate your easy working style, which makes a lot easier for us as organisers.”

"Not everyone in my office is a drunken extrovert though, there are a few quiet ones, will your magic make them feel uneasy, or embarrassed?"

Absolutely not. That’s one of the great things about booking a professional entertainer for your corporate event – the versatility of working with different groups.

A skilled magician can adapt his working style to suit whatever group he encounters – and I can too! He can be loud and boisterous for the lads at the bar one minute, and then quiet and refined for the ladies shying away in the corner the next.

Whatever personalities you have in your office, don’t worry. I can get them laughing and having a great night, without making them feel them feel uneasy or embarrassed.

“We had the pleasure of John’s magicalness at a Christmas event we were organising and I can honestly say the 2 hours flew by! John seemed to have a knack of being able interact with each guest, making them comfortable enough to participate and be involved. He worked the table so everyone saw his magic tricks and I can honestly say I still cannot fathom how he did them! If you’re looking for a genuinely talented and fun entertainer, who will seriously impress, then John is your man.” – Daily Mail.

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your magic and have not stopped commenting on it. My nieces were in awe of you, they just love magicians, and you obviously brought out the devil in some people….making grannies wanting to pole dance and several apartment keys being waved under your nose! Many thanks once again, you have a great personality, thoroughly enjoyed you being there, and would not hesitate to contact you again or recommend you to anyone.”

"What kind of companies have you worked for in the past?"

When you’re responsible for booking the entertainment for your corporate event, you want some assurance that they have experience.

I’ve mentioned a few companies I’ve performed for above, but there is a fuller list below, which I’ll rather helpfully put into one of those nice website-slider things. (I hope you appreciate this extra effort – it took me ages to learn how to do this, though clearly not what it’s actually called. 🙂 )

I should also mention that I’ve been the resident magician at Everton FC and St Helen’s Rugby League Club for many years, where I perform in the hospitality areas at every home game – for fans of all ages.

“John was FANTASTIC! John didn’t just astound our guests with his AMAZING magic tricks but also made everyone LAUGH, GIGGLE and SMILE with his brilliant one-liners and humour – pitching it just right depending on the audience at the time.”

“You were fantastic, thank you so much. Absolutely brilliant at our company Christmas party, very professional, talented and hilarious. Would highly recommend him!”

“Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended. Hired John for our works Christmas party – amazing magic and had us all entertained with his jokes!! Worth every penny!!”

"I've heard enough. You sounds perfect for our corporate event. I want to book you - what do you need from me?"

Booking me is super simple. Just fill in the enquiry form, or click the blue button below. Tell me all the details and I’ll complete the paperwork and invoices and send them out for you to agree (this is all done securely via email, so you don’t even need to brave the queue at the Post Office!). I take an initial payment of £100 to secure the date and, once that’s paid – we’re all set!

You can then put your feet up and relax…

…or get on with the other tasks that keep landing on your desk! 🙂

“I could not have been happier with the show, John had the whole room crying with laughter even before the first trick and brought a great energy to the party, everyone was blown away by the magic but it was John’s personality that really made the show. I would 100% recommend John for any party or event, it gave the party that wow factor I was hoping for.”

"Any chance of one last review, just to sum up why I should book your for MY corporate event?"

Sure. 🙂

“”For our staff Christmas party I wanted to do something different. I had heard great reviews of John’s act so I decided to invite him to entertain our staff. John’s magic act along with his incredible personality went down a storm with our team. His magic tricks amazed everyone and they are still left wondering how he does what he does. Not only is John a great magician but he is an amazing entertainer, he had us all laughing together and made the act relaxed and fun throughout. Thanks for an amazing evening John!””

If you have any questions, just ask. I'm happy to help as much as I can!