Christmas entertainment ideas to keep your staff happy


It’s bonfire night tomorrow which means that the shops will be absolutely flooded with all things Christmas in about two days. For some, Christmas is a very busy time. For magicians, December is the one time of year that you don’t want to be ill – you can be working two or maybe even three events in a day, and there are few days off. It’s amazing…and tiring.

For others though, December is a cooling off time, a time when work naturally slows down and you can afford to kick it into a low gear – a time to celebrate and have some fun.

How to celebrate though? Of course, you could have a bog standard staff party: find a venue, book some food and stock up the bar, but why not try something a bit different?

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

1. Anybody for a 3 Day Weekend?

Why not have a weekend day on a Friday? Instead of going out in the evening, just have a day (or an afternoon at least), where people can stop work, put on their weekend clothes, bring in their PS4 and just relax and slob out in the office? Get them to bring their own food and you’ve got a great way to spend a day!

2. Materialism rocks!

How about giving your employees some cash, so that they can go out and celebrate however the heck they want? Take the staff party budget, divide it up and give it out! I’d demand photographic evidence and offer prizes for the best/most original celebration.

Christmas Party Ideas - Throw Loads of Money At The Problem

3. Do you feel lucky, Steve?

Everybody loves an occasional flutter, so why not take everybody to the races/dog track/casino/local park (depending on budget), to bet upon the horses/dogs/cards/local tramps fighting?

Christmas Party Ideas - Magician and Cat Gambler

4. “I’m getting a floral bouquet…and quite pissed”

Looking for something a bit more dignified and elegant? How about a corporate wine tasting day? You could spend the afternoon appreciating “floral bouquets” and “light-bodied reds” with a “spicy finish” (I may have Googled some of these).

If you’re in Cheshire, my good friend Richard runs the awesome Wine School of Cheshire and would my first port of call. A quick internet search will find similar, though obviously not as brilliant, results. 🙂

Christmas Party Ideas - Wine Tasting Magician
At 11:00, the rest of the group were moving on to sample delights from the Côtes du Rhone. Dave, however, was moving on by trying to restart his heart.

5. Recreate a misspent youth

Why not hire out a stack of arcade games and let your staff go nuts as they shoot zombies, ride bikes and race cars? Again, I’d be disappointed if there weren’t prizes for “most improved zombie killer” or “funkiest mover” on Dance Star.

6. Let’s not be too silly

Book a magician to come round the office, during work hours, to entertain staff in 5 minutes breaks or while they are making a brew!

“Hahahaha. A magician at a Christmas party? That’s a good one!”

7. Everyone likes to get dressed up

How about fancy dress day with a theme of “come as the job you wanted when you were 10 years old”? It might be fun to see a bunch of fighter pilots, premiership footballers and models around the office. If you invite me, it would give me chance to finally wear that Spiderman costume that’s still in my wardrobe…

A fancy dress Christmas party also gives you a perfect excuse NOT to be there.

“Frank, why didn’t you come to the Christmas party?”

“I did. I came dressed as a ninja.”

“I didn’t see you.”

“Thank you very much.”

Whatever you’re doing for a Christmas party this year, have an awesome one!

A magician? For YOUR Christmas party? What a bloody fabulous idea! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. You should fill in the form below and tell me all about what you have planned so that I can tell you how I can get your guests laughing and having a great time!