Chester Magician performing for a corporate Christmas party

300 people in 2 hours? Sure thing. Let me just get my lycra shorts and running shoes from the car.

Chester Magician performing for a corporate Christmas party

Home town gig tonight for me. I’m in Chester, where I’m booked to perform magic at Chester Racecourse for a large corporate party.

I’ve written many times on this blog that corporate events are all different, so let me tell you about this one.

Tonight’s corporate event was a biggie – over 300 guests.

A quick maths check tells me that to perform magic for everyone at the corporate party (I’m booked for two hours), I’d have to entertain 150 people an hour.

A “little magic” – expectations are high…

This is the equivalent of driving 300 mph past a school in a Reliant Robin…

…it’s not going to happen, so I’ve got to do the best I can.

How to entertain your guests at larger corporate events

Where some corporate events are nice and relaxed, tonight’s was the opposite. My goal was simple – do as much magic as possible for as many guests as possible.

To do this well, I had a quick word with the wait staff (the lovely people at Horseradish do an amazing job!) to see what order they were serving the tables in.

They start serving at one end, and I start performing magic at the other. That way, when we meet in the middle, I can go to the first tables they served (who will be finishing their starter) and do some magic for them!

It’s like a logic puzzle for corporate entertainers.

If you book an entertainer who doesn’t know this, you’ll end up paying vast amounts for a magician who spends most of the meal stood around, doing nothing!

Admittedly, that is pretty much my dream way of making a living…but it doesn’t lead to happy clients!

Want to know where to start when planning a corporate event? Start here!

It was a busy night (I must’ve done about 20,000 steps, rushing between the tables), but it seems the client was happy:

“Thank you so much for last night, it was great to meet you and everyone absolutely loved the magic.”

And that’s what it’s all about.

If you’re having a corporate party, why not get in touch and tell me about it? I’ll happily give you some ideas on how we can keep your guests happy and laughing so you have a stress free night!