Chester Magician at The Botanist

Chester Magician at The Botanist
FAB IDEA No. 243 – If your bar is besieged by Ivy, don’t cut it down, just name it after some plants.

Chester Magician at The Botanist

Tonight I was performing magic at one of Chester’s best bars and restaurants – The Botanist.

(Though, in defence of Chester’s other bars – they are all pretty darn amazing!)

Hidden down a dark alley (usually, that’s a terrible place to begin a journey – especially at night!), The Botanist is a lovely bar to perform as a magician – it has an outside area with lots of room, an upstairs restaurant and also a downstairs drinking area that, tonight, was absolutely packed with loud people and even louder music – not so good for the larynx.

(Imagine trying to have a quiet conversation… with your Nan… on stage at a death metal concert and you wouldn’t be far off).

It was loud, but a lot of fun – I even got a few tips from people and I NEVER look to get tips at gigs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally averse to people handing me money. I used to try and get tips. In fact, I used an ultra-secret psychological tactic known as an arm bar. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say, it’s very technical…

Chester magician botanist

Yeah, just like that.

Anyway, despite the noise (the singers they have in there are FABULOUS by the way!), it was a great night.

I left hoarse, but happy.

Chester is such a fabulous place to go and visit. Being a Chester magician means that I get to go and see all the cool places too, which makes it a double win.

In fact, people paying me to go to these places makes it a triple-win!

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