Can You Have TOO MUCH Entertainment at Corporate Events?

Can You Have TOO MUCH Entertainment at Corporate Events?

I get it.

You’re anxious.

You want your corporate event to go well.

You NEED it to go well. After all, it’s YOUR neck on the line.

The entertainment you book could be the deciding factor in determining whether you’re raved about at the water cooler the day after or the receiver of hushed voices whenever you walk into the office.

“I know. I’ll make sure everyone has a great time by booking LOTS of entertainment!”

Before you know it, you’re up to your neck in magicians, comedians, caricaturists, jugglers, singers, aerial acrobats and folk dancers.

Your “small, intimate” corporate event has now got more entertainment than a night at the Osmonds.

This isn’t a good thing.

Entertainment is a fabulous idea but, like using salt in food (I’m a terrible cook, so am in dangerous metaphor territory here!), too much can be overpowering and ruin the whole thing.

A corporate event is meant to be a way for your staff to unwind, so make it easy for them. Give your event – and guests – some time to breathe, so they can relax and enjoy the night.

They can’t do that if there are 23 different things constantly vying for their attention.

Here’s a good rule of thumb – have one thing going on at any one time.

Walkaround acts, like magicians, can be a great way to fill the lull moments – between courses of the meal or during the reception drinks while everyone arrives. They are not great when you’re giving out awards or when that thrash metal band kicks it up into high gear.

If you book a stage act – something you want everyone to focus on at once, like a comedian or singer, make sure nothing else is going on at that point. You don’t want people clamouring to use the Photo Booth while a comedian is telling jokes.

It’s like shopping when you’re hungry – the tendency is to go totally overboard.


Make it nice and easy for your guests by having one thing at a time.