Ashton Magician – Birthday Entertainment at Ashton Masonic Hall

Ashton Under Lyne magician - birthday party at Ashton Masonic Hall
Image Source: Ashton Masonic Hall website

It’s always a bit of a challenge finding entertainment for a bunch of adults who don’t know one another. On the one hand, you want something good, but you don’t want something completely overpowering so that they can’t interact with each other.

(WARNING! I’m about to suggest the completely biased idea that, if you’re having a party in Ashton, you would do well to book an Ashton magician…)

Close up magicians are ideal for these kind of events – we can mix and mingle with your guests – amazing them and getting them laughing, without preventing them from doing their own thing.

For this event, I was asked by Jackie to entertain her husbands party guests after they arrived – to act as the party icebreaker – a way to get everyone laughing right from the outset – creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed night. The party was being held at the Ashton Masonic Hall, which, as you can see from the photo above (which I stole from their website), looks fabulous.

This is the ideal time to have an entertainer perform, as it takes most of the pressure off you to “host” your guests and make sure that they are having a great time.

Let me entertain your guests so that you don’t have to!

Having a party in Ashton soon and want your guests to have an awesome time? Check out my Ashton magician page for even more information or, to see if I’m available for YOUR event, fill in the form below!