Are All Wedding Entertainers the Same?

Are All Wedding Entertainers The Same?

If you’re panicking about your wedding day, odds are that most of that worry is centred around your guests…

…Let’s face it, the last thing you want if for them to be bored out of their mind as you celebrate the happiest day of your life.

You’re also probably worried about the free bar, your Uncle Alan and his proclivity for, as he calls it, “a bit of blue for the dads”.

(Don’t worry, we all have an Uncle Alan, though I keep mine restrained in the basement)

The benefits of a wedding entertainer

Booking a wedding magician to make sure your wedding guests spend the day laughing and having an amazing time at your wedding is a great idea (when it comes to marketing, I don’t do subtle).

A wedding magician takes all the pressure off you to play host, so you don’t have to run around like Mo Farah all day, pointing guests in the direction of the lavatory, agreeing with your Aunt that “these new £10 are a bit fiddly, aren’t they?” and making sure your Uncle Alan’s probation officer gets fed.

Yes, a wedding magician is a great idea, but which wedding magician should you choose?

“Ah, it doesn’t matter, surely wedding magicians are all the same?”

Every bride. Ever.

First off, that’s Magicianist. Second off, you’re wrong.

Sure, I can see how you’d think that all magicians are the same. A quick search of magician websites, for example, will reveal the repeated use of tired phrases, such as “unique blend of magical entertainment”, “magic for all occasions” and “please pay me money to do tricks. I haven’t eaten in weeks and my wife is threatening to leave me!”.

After seeing a few of these, you’d be convinced that we’re the same.

Don’t be – it’s an illusion, and a bloody terrible one.

Wedding entertainers – what’s the difference?

Good question.

Here we have two houses:

Are All Wedding Entertainers the Same?

Both of these houses have four walls, a roof, (some) windows and a front door that works. Both will keep you relatively warm, protect your family and give you space where you can enjoy comforts in life, like TV, broadband and secretly eating 12 doughnuts in three-day-old underwear when everyone else has gone to bed…

…If that’s your kind of thing.

Both are houses, but they are not the same.

If wedding magicians were houses…

…the house in ruins on the left would be the magician that’s the cheapest. He’s may also be the guy that says he doesn’t use contracts, invoices and insurance because he’s ‘never needed them’.

He arrives a bit late for your gig because, to make up for his low fee, he’s crammed four weddings into one day and, because he’s late, he’s unkempt and his suit looks like it’s from the 1970s.

He checks that everything is still running to time, as he needs to leave in EXACTLY one hour and 58 minutes (wedding number four is 2 hours away!), so if the most important day of your life has even the merest hint of a delay, you’re on your own. When he does start to perform, his magic is good, entertaining and everyone seems to enjoy it.

The mansion represents another wedding magician. If this house were a magician, sure, maybe you’d pay a little bit more, but it would be the kind of magician that knows how to make you feel at ease. Things like contracts, invoicing and Public liability insurance are a given – giving you peace of mind right from the get-go.

He has a CRM process that makes the enquiry and booking process super easy for you. He’ll have asked you questions about your wedding and bounced around a few options to see which helps YOU best.

He turns up early on the day, probably before anyone else; not only to steal cutlery but also just to see the venue and plan his best positioning for each table/group.

He’ll say “Hi!” to you and check if there are any last minute changes he can help with, but realises that you’re busy, so doesn’t command your time with idle, “so…how are things with you?” type natter.

He’ll also introduce himself to the other staff working, just to see if how he can be of best use to everyone (this is usually accomplished by just staying out of everyone’s way!).

When he does start to perform, his magic is good, entertaining and everyone enjoys it.

You’d be bloody mental to buy a house just because it was the cheapest.

I know that booking a magician is slightly (and only SLIGHTLY) less important than buying a house, but the same principle applies.

It’s YOUR wedding day – you only get one chance to get everything right.


“Well…I know that he set fire to the venue, slept with my mother and killed Grandma, but at least we saved £50!” is going to be scant consolation.

Spend some time finding the performwedding magician for you.

Am I the one?

I have no idea.

Does this sound like something you’d like to say after your wedding day?

“Thank you so much for entertaining the guests at our wedding, I CANNOT RECOMMEND YOU ENOUGH! I had been panicking about the drinks reception being too long and people getting bored, but the guests seemed disappointed when they were called for the wedding breakfast and it was time for you to go. Having never booked any sort of entertainment for a party before, we were not sure what to expect with either the magic or the comedy side but WE COULDN’T DECIDE WHAT YOU WERE BETTER AT, they were both equally BRILLIANT. Everyone was AMAZED at your ability to MAKE PEOPLE BELLY LAUGH WHILE PERFORMING BRILLIANT TRICKS! Thank you for helping make our day STRESS FREE and being “EXCEPTIONALLY ENTERTAINING!”

A recent bride

If you’re screaming “YEEESSSS!!!” at the screen, click here to get in touch for your stress-free wedding day!