6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Entertainment


As a wedding magician, it hurts me to say it, but everyone wants to save money on their wedding entertainment for their big day. It’s not so much that you actually WANT to scrimp and save, it’s just that wedding prices are on the up, and they were already quite expensive to begin with.

wedding day entertainment budget
“Excellent. That should cover the cost of the tie clip…”

According to The Independent newspaper, the average wedding in the UK costs over £27,000. Just to put that figure into perspective, that’s equal to the cost of 6,013 Big Mac meals at McDonalds*.

I know.

So, as a nice wedding supplier, I thought I would give you a hand with a few hints, tips and ideas about how you can possibly save some money when it comes to what is undoubtedly the most important aspect of your wedding day…

…the entertainment.

(Yes, I’m joking).

1. Book early, or…book late

Whilst it seems a bit odd to offer both early and late bookings as ways to save money, there is some logic behind it. Firstly, if you book your wedding entertainment early, the supplier is more likely to be available and the prospect of filling a date in their calendar will have them foaming at the mouth.

bride booking wedding entertainment
“Hello, is that John the magician? Do you have your 2046 diary handy…?”

On the other hand, if you’re not after a specific artist or act to perform on your big day (and if you’re OK dealing with massive amounts of stress), you could just do a frantic ring round of everyone a week before your wedding, in the hope that someone (anyone!) hasn’t managed to get a booking for your day. If it’s a week to go and they’re still free, you’ll probably be able to get a discount, as they are unlikely to be able to get a last minute gig (unless everyone who reads this post uses the same tactic).

2. Find a undiscovered talent

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys the nightlife, you could go out scouting for local bands, artists and so in your local venues. You could pop into the open mic nights, where undiscovered musicians perform in order to be, well.. discovered.

wedding musician saved money
“YESSS! I just got a booking for £25!”

There are lots of talented people who are just getting their feet onto the entertainment ladder. If you can find one of these hidden gems, you can possibly snag them to sing at your wedding for a bargain price!

3. Have an off-peak wedding

As a wedding magician, I know that I’m going to be busy in summer. All of my weekends are jam full of brides and grooms celebrating their big day. If you call me today, asking for a discount for a wedding in July 2019, you’re unlikely to get it, as it’s very likely that I’ll be able to get a booking for my full fee.

However, if you call me, asking for a date in January, a month that is usually more dead than a dead thing that has gone to dead college to learn how to be dead and graduated with dead honours, you’re in with a shot.

After all, I have kids to feed, a Tunnocks Tea cakes addiction to feed and a small dog that eats as much as three horses.

wedding entertainment on a budget
“Thanks for the aperitif. Get started on the mains.”

While you don’t have to be this extreme, having a quick look at peak and off peak times could save you a bit of cash.

4. Become friends with S Club 7

That band reference possibly dates me, but I don’t care, the logic still holds up. If you were dear friends with all of S Club 7 (yes, even Bradley), you might be able to get them to perform a few numbers (now that reference DEFINITELY dates me!) on your wedding day. You don’t have to have them put on an entire concert, just a few songs (and 17 encores).

If you’re not friends with S Club 7, do you have any talented friends who know magic, mime, can juggle fire or have an ice cream van? Anything at all that your guests would love can be considered, so have a think.

wedding entertainment idea

Yeah…not that though.

5. Finish early

Earlier, I mentioned the idea of having your wedding in an “off peak” month. If you don’t like the idea of walking down the aisle in a blizzard in January, why not consider the time of day instead?

If you have an early wedding, it could allow you to book some entertainment at a cheaper rate by virtue of the fact that it gives them chance to leave for another booking at a more popular time.

Of course, no one has ever had a wedding a 8am, but YOU could be a pioneer!

6. Go local

As a wedding supplier, cost and time allowed for travel are always big factors in price. I’m based in Chester, so if you want me to do an hour for your wedding being held on the Orkney Isles, it’s going to cost you a bit more than if you were getting married down the road at Peckforton Castle for example (this is not a paid advertisement).

It’s just common sense.

If you know where you’re getting married, ask around for recommendations of local suppliers. Hotels and other wedding venues usually have a good idea of the various skill/costs levels of suppliers, so will be able to help you out accordingly.

Of course, you can also combine any/all of these ideas into one big, massive wedding entertainment money saving monster. If you do, they’ll probably end up paying YOU so that they can perform on your wedding day. If so, I want 10% commission.


* 27,000/4.49 (price obtained here) = 6,013. Yes, I should probably get out more.

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(How’s my mind reading coming along?)