5 Tips for Planning Your Corporate Event

Corporate Event Planning Tips - Magician Entertainment
Corporate event planning tips – Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

I’ve stated many times on this blog that planning a corporate event is a hard job – if only for the sheer amount of tasks you have to juggle to make sure it goes smoothly.

Some of these tasks are bigger and more important than others though and your first job is likely to be working out which are which.

Thankfully, Melrose Ballroom have come to your aid with a pretty infographic which highlights five of the most important things you need to consider when organising a corporate event. Get these right and you’re well on your way to having a great night.

Get these wrong, on the other hand, and it’ll be hushed murmurs around the water cooler and vending machine…again.

“So, what are the five things I need to think about first?” I hear you cry.

Here’s the infographic with the top 5 tips for planning a corporate event, followed by some of my thoughts.

The Top 5 Tips for Planning a Corporate Event Infographic:

So, let’s look at each of the tips:

Plan Ahead

You need to plan ahead. If this is news to you, be glad you read it now and not twenty minutes before the start of the gala ball you were hoping to “wing” by buying two bottles of cheap plonk and pack of frozen starters from Iceland.

The best time to start planning a corporate event was last Thursday, the next best time is right now. You can never have too much time, so do yourself a favour and give yourself as much as you can.

Set a budget

You need to know how much you can spend on your corporate event. There’s no point hiring the Albert Hall and then booking MC Hammer and 3 of the remaining S Club 7 members to perform at your event if your boss is only giving you what’s left in petty cash to plan your corporate event.

Find out what you can spend first and use that as the deciding factor on how grand (or not) your corporate event is going to be!

Know your guests

There’s a reason that you’re planning a corporate event. Maybe it’s to celebrate a recent win. Maybe it’s the annual Christmas party or it could be a team building away day.

Whatever your reason for planning a corporate event, keep your guests in mind (as well as your budget). What would be the best way to meet their needs. Are they wanting to blow off steam, or is there something they need to hear/learn?


Once you have your guests in mind, you need to invite them (unless you’re organising the World Psychic Festival, in which case you don’t – they’ll already know!).

Think about the best and most timely way you can invite your guests?

You can email, handwrite or yell across a crowded office – whatever works for you.

One tip though is to follow up with guests, a few weeks prior. Make sure that they have all the correct details and that they still intend on coming.

That way, you prevent you from being stood alone in a room with a load of party food (my birthday – between the ages of 9-13).


Food, glorious food…


Catering is likely to be one of your biggest concerns when planning a corporate event. Not only do you need to get good quality food that doesn’t kill all of your guests (always a bonus), but you need to make sure it’s there, on time and served properly during the event.

You can’t just lay out all of your fine dinings on a table and yell, “GRUBS UP FATTIES!”

Actually, that’s not true. You CAN do that, I’d just strongly recommend that you don’t. 🙂

Again, think about the budget and your guests. What food would they like to have on the day? Does that fit within your budget?

No? Maybe that trip to Iceland isn’t looking like a bad idea after all?

Any more tips about planning a corporate event? Feel free to add them below in the comments or check out even more corporate event related blog posts here.

Of course, one of the best ways of ensuring a perfect corporate event is by booking a magician to entertain the guests and get them laughing.

Booking a magician is absolutely the first thing you should do. Make sure you get a good one though (a good indication of quality is their first name – if it’s “John” you’re good!).

You can read about how magic can help your corporate event here, or you can fill in the form below. Tell me all about your corporate event and I’ll tell you how I can make it amazing for your guests and stress-free for you!