5 Things you NEED to do to get People to Participate in Charity/Fundraising Events

Fundraising Event Participation

Sometimes, trying to muster up volunteers, sponsors and participants for charity or fundraising events can be like pulling teeth.

“The economy’s bad, sorry but I can’t this month”

“I’ve already given/donated/helped out on three other fundraisers today. I don’t have time.”

mi camello está en llamas. Por favor, ¿puedes tomarme un té acogedor y un álbum de Leo Sayer?” (rough translation – “my camel is on fire, please can you get me a tea cosy and a Leo Sayer album?”)*

There are lots of reasons why people don’t (or won’t) participate in fundraising events, but, rather than spending valuable time countering objections, you’re much better off thinking of the reasons people DO get involved in charity events and then focusing your frenzied activity on those instead.

Fortunately, I’m not the only one who has given this some thought. Event 360 has too and they’ve identified the five reasons people participate in fundraising events and, even more helpfully, they’ve shoved this into an infographic that is easy on the eye.

Here’s the infographic, which can be viewed on the Event 360 website:

Why People Participate in Fundraising Events - Event 360 infographic
Image source

Here’s a quick summary:

People are more likely to get on board with your fundraising event if they:

  • Connect with your organisation
  • Support the cause
  • Align themselves with others who are participating
  • Like the fundraising activity
  • Are aligned with affiliates

I know what you’re thinking (I’m a magician, remember?) –

“Well, D’uh! Of course peope are going to get involed if they like the activity or support the cause. This is hardly rocket science. I can’t believe I’ve wasted my time reading this. I’m going to the pub.”

And you’d be right (apart from the “going to the pub” bit) – a lot of this is obvious, or rather, it SHOULD be.

The trouble is that we often make fundraising far too complicated by coming at it from the wrong angle. We try to make every event as popular as possible, with as many different people as possible.

This is the wrong approach.

Instead, what we should be doing is planning the event and then only seeking out people who fit into one, or more, of the five categories above.

Seek out the people who are more likely to WANT get involved.

If you’re having a tandem skydive for charity, you’re much better off finding people who actually enjoy throwing themselves out of aeroplanes (people who use the word “bodacious” or the mentally unwell), rather than spending your energy trying to convince those of us with no suicidal ideation of doing so.

Obviously, the more of the five factors a person possesses, the more likely they are to get involved, but don’t limit yourself to just this “perfect participant”.

Plan your event down to the last detail first and THEN find people that fit into the 5 categories above.

Make your life easier.

* You are welcome.


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