10 Reasons to Hire a REALLY Expensive Magician

Reasons To Hire An Expensive Magician - Avoid Amateurish Mistakes
…and, by “past”, she means “fact that your tattoo artist never went to school”.


There is only one reason to hire the cheaper option…because it’s cheap.

Cheap seems like a good choice when we can’t discern any difference between it and the more expensive version. After all, None of us enjoys being ripped off.

Heinz beans cost three times as much as the supermarket own branded beans (I’m guessing here, as my butler, Tarquin does all of my food shopping), but it’s pretty much the same stuff inside the can. The people who buy the supermarket own brand beans don’t see the value in paying three times as much.

Expensive Magician - Baked Beans
Harold paid the extra for the Heinz beans, as he’s a man who appreciates the texture, firmness and suppleness of a fine quality bean…nestling in his butt.

I can look at a Rolls Royce next to a 1999 beat up Fiat Panda and know in an instant why they are different prices.

In the service industry though, it’s more difficult, as there is nothing tangible to compare and contrast. Put two magicians websites side by side and it’s hard to spot the difference. Aren’t they just both people that do tricks?


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Whereas there is only one argument for using a cheaper product or service, there are several arguments for using an expensive, quality one.

Here are ten reasons you should consider using an expensive magician:

1. Professional Outgoings

He’s expensive because he has more outgoings than the guys that ‘know a few tricks’ and perform ‘for fun’ at weekends. Expensive magicians have accountants, maybe an office and are members of accredited organisations, such as Equity. They also have several pairs of underwear that they need to maintain. This kinda stuff ain’t cheap. The cheaper guys, because they don’t do it for a living, have no (or very little) marketing costs. They can afford to wait for gigs to come to them.

2. He’s insured

An expensive magician has Public Liability Insurance. This is important. We do tricks with rings, bottles and watches – things that can break, slide off fingers, roll across the floor or just shatter! We know how much you value these things, so we pay to ensure their safety and your peace of mind.

Venues often demand to see performers PLI certificates, so if your performer doesn’t have one, the venue may not allow him to perform.

3. Expensive magicians aren’t rushing off to another job

A magician who will do a few hours at your party for £50 needs to work quite a few parties over the weekend to get a decent wage, so will often cram lots of events together. If your wedding is running late (and let’s face it, most of them do!), do you really want to hear, “I’d love to stay, but I’ve got another party to go to!”, or would you rather have a professional magician, someone who’s allowed for any delays, tell you that it’s fine and they’ll stick around and keep your guests laughing?

4. Professional magicians look good

An expensive magician won’t turn up to your party wearing sweatpants or a shell suit…

Expensive Magician - Dynamo
OK, so maybe the world’s most expensive magician MIGHT attend your event wearing a shell suit.

…before getting changed into his dad’s ill-fitting ‘wedding/funeral/whatever occasion demands a suit’ suit. He’ll have invested in quality suits that he knows is appropriate for the job and the venues/clients he performs for.

5. An expensive, professional magician will act, well… professionally

When the magician is at your venue, they’ll be like a well-oiled machine, only not oiled or machine-like. The magician will get there early, speak to the staff and confirm all the details with you, to make sure everything is perfect.

You won’t have to worry about a thing.

6. The booking process will be easy

I can’t promise you that a booking process will ever be fun, but, at least you know that dealing with an expensive magician – one who knows what they’re doing – will be easy and fill you with confidence.

Basically, if you don’t like feeling like this:

Expensive Magician - Paperwork Stress

Book an expensive magician.

Expensive magician’s invest in CRM (it stands for Customer….something….something else) software that effectively and securely manages their bookings. They’ll have a system for invoicing and contracts, so you have the peace of mind knowing that your date is secure and you haven’t just given a deposit to a shady character who is going to bugger off to Scarborough and never speak to you again.

(No, I’ve no idea why I chose Scarborough either…)

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7. Science!

It has been scientifically proven in this study that expensive magicians can help you lose weight, be a better lover, get a bigger house, drive a faster car and earn tons more money than cheap magicians.

(I may be running out of ideas)

8. Expensive magicians have the experience

‘Experience’ – it’s the stuff that fabulous lovers and staff applications at B&Q are made of.

An expensive magician has experience too – they’ll have performed at hundreds of events just like yours. She knows them inside out and is prepared for pretty much any eventuality.

You can rest assured that no matter what happens on the night, she’ll be ready (please don’t interpret this as a challenge).

9. Your boss will love you!

If you’re booking a magician for a corporate event (and you TOTALLY should because we are all awesome and all your guests will definitely be bored to tears if you don’t), you’ll want someone who is a ‘safe bet’.

The last thing you need to do is book a terrible act that will make you look bad for booking them.

If you book someone who is more expensive, you’re paying for all the details listed above – and you can tell your boss that. He’ll be happy you’ve mad a sound choice, even if the expensive magician should later go on a killing spree or, even worse, devour all of the buffet (in my defence, I’ve only ever done that 23 times).

10. Expensive magicians can help you with other things

No, I’m not washing up.

An expensive magician, because of their experience will be able to offer advice and ideas for other aspects of the event you may be organising.

We’ve worked with event companies at weddings and corporate events, so we know what works in certain situations and what doesn’t. If you’re organising your very first event, an experienced magician could be a good sounding board for some ideas and help eliminate some of the more obvious problems we often see at events.

Any professional service provider has a hard job differentiating themselves or getting potential clients to appreciate their value.

Magicians are no different.

Like accountants, plumbers and tattoo artists, some are cheap, some are expensive.

“Is it worth paying the extra? Aren’t they all pretty much the same?”

I don’t know. Have a look at the tattoo photo above. After all, they got all the words right…

…pretty much.

If you’re having a party in the near future, you’re probably worried about your guests having a good time (what a nice person you are!).

You SHOULD be worried!

Don’t worry though, as you may have expected, I can help. 🙂




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