10 Event Planning Apps You Need for 2018


According to Forbes (the magazine, not Mr Forbes, my old PE teacher), being an event coordinator is one of the most stressful jobs of 2017 (if you don’t believe me, you can see the article here). Operating under challenging deadlines and being constantly under pressure to meet demanding clients needs in high-stress situations is quite stressful apparently.

Who knew?

Apart from everyone in the world, obviously.

While it may be difficult to reduce the stress in some areas of corporate event planning (it’s very hard to rid the world of energy-sapping clients or high-stress people, though if you discover a way, please let me know!), there are some things you can do to make your life easier.

You don’t need medication, meditation or to go on a killing spree.

All you need is a smartphone, a decent internet connection and some apps. Ten to be precise.

Here are ten of the best apps for event planning that I’ve seen.


During the madness and chaos that can, sorry, WILL, happen during your event, you need to keep in touch with things in the outside world – especially if that happens to be something important like a bill you have to pay or a child you have to collect from school (I hardly ever forget to pick up my kids any more!). 24me helps by blending your to-do lists with a rather smart calendar, so no matter how panicky or stressed you get, 24me will make sure you don’t forget anything.


If you’re planning an event, it’s likely to be a big project, with lots of people involved. It can be difficult to bring everyone together in one place, where everyone knows who is doing what, and, more importantly, by when. Asana does this rather nicely. It’s a project management tool that is perfect for events. Get everybody on the same page and make sure nothing gets left behind.


There are very few apps that claim to offer a “one-stop shop” for all your possible event planning needs, but Bizzabo does that. It can help you do pretty much everything, including creating a special website for your event to keep everyone updated to help you measure just how successful your event was (great if you’ve been asked to organise a corporate event by your boss and you need to prove how awesome you are!).


Blossom is another project management app that can be really helpful in planning your corporate event. It helps everyone on the team know what stage the event planning is at. You can break the project down into different sections (or “cards”) and, as you work through the event plan, the status changes from “in plan” to “in progress” and so on. At any time in your corporate event planning journey, you’ll know where you are, and where you probably should be!


Who is this John Appleseed and why does he get to go to so many events?

Event planning is hard enough without worrying where people and staff are at any given time. Boomset allows you to keep tabs on whether people, guests and attendees have checked in or not. No more running to the lobby to see if so-and-so has arrived yet.

It may also prove useful for long journeys with children, as they’ll always know the answer to the question “are we nearly there yet?”


When you’re planning a corporate event, there’s usually lots of paperwork involved. Often, several people will need to use the same piece of paper and, if you only have one copy, this can be quite problematic. Solve that problem by downloading the CamScanner app, turning your phone into a cutting-edge piece of spy equipment (OK, that may be a bit much). Basically, it allows you to take crystal clear photos of paper, so you can use it and share it with other teams members, without having to carry a photocopier on your back (something I think we’ve all done at some point).


I don’t know what a “Volley with Victor” is, but clearly, it needs at least 5 people…

If you’ve ever been tasked with organising the office Christmas party, you’ll know that one of the main problem areas is getting everyone to agree on a date. The fact is that no matter what date you end up going with, someone is going to be unhappy, so accept that. The next thing you need to do is make choosing the date as transparent as possible so that they know you haven’t chosen a date just because Jenny (the cow from accounts) can’t go. Doodle lets you create polls and choices for people when you’re faced with tricky decisions. No more endless emails; just create a poll, send it out and tally the results. Job done.

Damn, Jenny from accounts can make it…


Anyone who’s anyone is storing things in “The Cloud” nowadays; even if none of us actually know what “The Cloud” is…

A recent photo of “The Cloud” – operated by Allan Smethwick of 32 Rodwell Road”, Shepton Mallet.

The main benefit of storing information on “The Cloud” is that you can access it with pretty much any device…

OK, not ANY device…

So it makes event planning really easily. Dropbox is one of the more well-known data storage apps/programs out there and can be really useful if you need to share information with a group of people. Just upload the document to Dropbox and everyone can access it. It keeps all your event details secure and free for everyone to use. Best of all, it’s free (unless you use more than 10GB).

Double win!


I forgot to add “stop writing like an excitable chimpanzee” to my list.

You may have to stop me here, as I’m a massive Evernote fan. It’s a digital notebook that can help you with pretty much any task. I’ve used it for pretty much everything in my life for years. You name it you can do it with Evernote.

To do lists, clipping web pages, idea lists, tagging; it’s all there.

Again, it uses the power of the cloud to allow you access it from pretty much anywhere

Evernote is a single workspace that allows you to organise all of your ideas and information in one single place. It’s also free.

Candy Crush

You might think that I’m joking by including Candy Crush on here. After all, it’s not going to help you coordinate food choices, or make sure that your entertainment knows where to be and at what time, but that’s OK, any one of the other nine apps listed above can help you with that.

What you really need if you have one of the most stressful jobs of 2017 is an app that can help YOU. So, whether it’s Candy Crush, Criminal Case, Angry Birds or whatever, take the time to download something that will help give you some relaxation and fun, so that, when the next event comes round, you’re fresh as a daisy!

Just not this daisy.

If you’ve downloaded an app and are experiencing the bliss that comes with a well-planned party, you’re in the perfect state of mind to book some party entertainment for your guests.

I’ll make this quick – you need a magician. No two ways about it. You definitely do.

OK, maybe not definitely, but a magician couldn’t hurt, could it?

I can help get your party guests laughing and having a great time, allowing you to relax and enjoy your party.


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