10 Daily Tasks and Habits of a Magician

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UPDATED: 15th May 2018

As you can probably imagine, there are lots of fun things that I get to do as a magician. However, there are also some weird things that I have to do, to either prepare for a gig or learn a new trick, that are a little bit unusual.

To give you an insight into my level of madness, I thought I’d create a list, so you can see what I have to do every single day to maintain my position as an awesome close up magician.

Here’s a fun list of 10 things I do, or have done, that you might not have thought (or even cared) about:

  1. I mix up and solve a Rubik’s cube everyday, because I worry that I’ll forget how to do it.
  2. I memorised a pack of cards – several of my magic routines require me to remember information and be able to recall it fast. I have used peg lists and other mnemonic techniques to help me with these and, as part of my memory workout, I’ve memorised a pack of cards to keep these fresh in my mind. I recall the position of every card, then go through the positions to keep my memory fit.
  3. I use those hand strengthener-squeezer things to keep my hands strong.
  4. I practice coin vanishes with dog treats to see if my technique is good enough to fool my dog.
  5. When I buy limes, I have to check that they are the right size to fit in my cup (don’t ask!).
  6. When I buy melons, I have to check that they are the right size to fit in my hat (really…don’t ask!).
  7. I spend that much time with playing cards, that I do actually have a favourite playing card.
  8. I have realised that if you make any type of bizarre request to anyone, you can allay any concern by following it up with, “it’s OK, I’m a magician; it’s for a magic trick”.
  9. I lie to people. Sometimes even as part of my act. 😉
  10. When I want to create the impression of intense mental effort, I try to recall what I had for lunch last Tuesday.

So, no matter how weird you think your life is, be happy that you’re not a magician…

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